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Diving & Aviation

Mr Arthur Henderson


Arthur Henderson is a consultant ENT surgeon with additional training in occupational medicine, especially ENT problems related to diving, underwater medicine, and aviation.


As well as being the lead surgeon for ENT in the Royal Navy, he is the national advisor to Defence on Diving and Aviation related ENT conditions, as well as advisor to the HSE on occupational diving and ENT.

Alongside qualifying in ENT and being awarded the gold medal for FRCS examinations, he completed the Diploma in Occupational Medicine.


He also has extensive experience of diving and aviation. As a Royal Navy Medical Officer he deployed with HMS Ark Royal and HMS Ocean along with Harrier 1(F) squadron and 814 NAS Merlin helicopters, and lectures at the RAF Aviation Medicine training course.

He spent time with the Fleet Diving group as a diving medical officer, worked at the Chichester Hyperbaric chamber, and worked as an instructor and diver at the Submarine Escape Training Tank in Gosport. He lectures on diving and ENT nationally and internationally regularly and has written military and civilian guidelines on fitness for diving. 

Arthur sees patients at both the Bath Clinic and Sulis Hospital.  To book direct click on the Booking button above.


Arthur Provides:

  • Diagnosis, investigation, and treatment for ENT problems related to diving and flying

  • ENT Fitness to dive opinion for all recreational and occupational divers –
    Either through self-referral (eg self-certification)
    Or through GP/Occupational medicine referral

  • ENT opinion on Fitness to fly and Certification -
    Either through self-referral (eg self-certification)
    Or through GP/Occupational medicine referral

  • Advice on fitness for diving or flying where face to face review is not possible

Diving ENT:


Nose problems and diving:
Sinus barotrauma (sinus squeeze)
Nose bleeds & diving
Nose surgery & diving


Ear problems and diving:
Barotrauma (ENT diving barotrauma)
Middle ear barotrauma
Inner ear barotrauma
Inner ear decompression injury
Ear clearing and diving (ear squeeze or reverse squeeze)
Ear surgery & diving
Otitis externa and diving (Swimmer’s ear, ear infections and diving)
Tinnitus & Diving
Hearing loss and diving
Balance problem and diving (vertigo and diving, dizziness and diving)
Ear drum perforation and diving
Eustachian tube dysfunction 
(Including balloon Eustachian tuboplasty)
Baro-induced Eustachian tube dysfunction
Underwater ENT, including Hyperbaric medicine & ENT
Cold water exposure ear
General Ear problems and diving / Diving and the Ear

Aviation ENT (flying ENT):


General Aviation ENT
Ear problems and flying

(including, ear pressure and flying, ear equalisation and flying, perforated ear drum and flying)
Ear surgery and flying
Hearing loss and flying
Balance disturbance and flying (vertigo and flying, dizziness and flying)
Painful ears and parachuting
Fitness to fly, licencing and certification

General Occupational ENT (including military ENT):

Entry medical ENT problems

Ongoing fitness for role including:

Armed Forces
Police/Fire Service

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