Mastoid Surgery

Answering your questions…

What is mastoid surgery?

Mastoid surgery or a Mastoidectomy is a procedure usually carried out to remove a pocket of skin called a cholesteatoma that has grown into the middle ear and mastoid bone.

Who does the operation?

Mr Darren Pinder carries out the procedure under general anaesthetic.

Before the operation

You can help to ensure success of your operation and avoid complications by following a few simple steps.  Stop smoking (if you do) at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure.   Maintain a healthy weight and taking regular exercise.

The operation

The operation takes place as a day case. Mr Pinder will discuss the operation with you during the consultation. The exact details of the operation depend on the severity and extent of the disease. Surgery may take between one and three hours.

After the operation

You will go home with a little ointment in your ear – this will be removed in the out-patients, usually after 4 weeks.

We recommend one week off after the operation. Take care not to get the ear wet. You should be able to wash your hair after a week but try not to get water inside of your ear.

Is a follow up appointment required?

A follow up appointment is required 4 weeks post-op to check on progress and remove the ointment from the ear. Longer term follow up is usually required to ensure the ear heals well and the disease does not return.