Adenoid Surgery

What is adenoid surgery?

Adenoid surgery or adenoidectomy is a procedure to remove the small glands in the throat, at the back of the nose.

Who does the operation?

All of our consultants carry out adenoidectomies. This takes place under a general anaesthetic and the operation takes approximately 45 minutes.

Before the operation

You can help to ensure success of your operation and avoid complications by following a few simple steps.  Stop smoking (if you do) at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure.   Maintain a healthy weight and taking regular exercise.

The operation

The operation takes place as a day case. You will be given the anaesthetic; you will have your adenoids removed through the mouth, which takes about ten minutes. You will then go to recovery and then back to day case. You are normally discharged the same day.

After the operation

It is recommended to allow one week for recovery after the procedure. You may feel like you have a blocked nose, or you are talking through your nose or that your voice sounds different. This is perfectly normal and should settle in a week or so. Your throat may also be sore. Use painkillers for the first few days, following the guidance on the label. You may also feel like you have sore ears, again this is normal.

Is a follow up appointment required?

A follow up appointment is required 6 weeks post-op to check on progress.  An appointment letter will be sent out to you.