Patient Reviews

I found Mr Gillett an extremely professional and thorough specialist.  I felt listened to and informed properly about procedures, diagnosis and ongoing management. I would recommend him.




I was very satisfied with my treatment from Mr Mawby.  He listened attentively to my problems.  I was very nervous anticipating the nasendoscopy.  For someone who felt pretty low and miserable, albeit with a relatively minor complaint, he was very understanding and reassuring.

P Fursmar



Mr Mawby was very attentive and understanding.  He was informative about my diagnosis and prognosis.  Booking, billing and general admin was very efficient.  Thank you Jenny

L Perdicchia



I would recommend Mr Gillett to my family and friends

D Rowe



Mr Mawby was extremely helpful, would recommend him to my family and friends.

C Ryall



I was recently referred to Bath ENT.  I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks for every aspect of my referral.  From the very first phone call right up to my consultation with Mr Mawby, I was treated with kindness, sincerity and professionalism by all members of staff.  I would especially like to thank Mr Mawby and his secretary Jenny.

J Griffiths



Mr McDonald was excellent, kind and caring.  Would definitely recommend him.

S L Cheminant



The Consultation went well, also I was impressed with the precautions in place due to the virus.  Would recommend Mr McDonald

S Ball



Would 100% recommend Mr Gillett to family and friends.  Kind, attentive and reassuring – from booking appointment with Jennifer Prince to seeing Mr Gillett for my appointment.  Caring and professional.

J Newman



Despite covid restrictions, this was a very pleasant and reassuring visit.  Mr McDonald was very easy to talk to and gave me plenty of excellent advice.

I would recommend both him and Bath ENT to anyone.

R Webb-Bowden



Would recommend Mr Pinder to family and friends.

Very pleasant manner, gave me confidence.

S Addis



Would recommend Mr Gillett to friends and family

R Lockyer



Mr Pinder is a very helpful and comprehensive Consultant and I would recommend him to family and friends.

I Bradbrooke



Would recommend Mr Pinder

N Bruce



Cannot speak highly enough of hospital staff and especially Mr Mawby, would recommend him.

Mrs B Harris



Mr McDonald was very friendly and informative, would recommend to family and friends

O Payne



Mr McDonald is my consultant and I cannot praise him enough

M Neill


I received excellent treatment from Mr Pinder and would recommend Mr Pinder to family and friends.

J Williams



Mr Mawby had excellent knowledge and was very helpful.  Would recommend

K Crawford



Mr Gillett’s manner was easy and positive.  I was  very relaxed and comfortable.  Would recommend Mr Gillett

P Hobbs



Very satisfactory consultation.  Would recommend Mr Pinder to family and friends.

J Kirkup



Mr Pinder is thorough and very considerate.  Listens to your problems and is clearly well-qualified in his specialist field.  Thank you.  Would recommend to family and friends.

N Cox



Mr Pinder is very professional, friendly and reassuring.  Appointment on time.  Would recommend

G Pirie




Mr Gillett is very professional and proficient with services he provides, would recommend to family and friends.

G Watts



Very caring and professional manner

C Ward



Excellent in every possible way, would thoroughly recommend Mr Waldron

N McCormack



Mr Pinder is always compassionate and sympathetic, would recommend

A Ruthven



Very friendly, informative and engaging service, would recommend Mr McDonald

M Kelly



Lovely atmosphere.  Wonderfully efficient staff.  Mr Waldron was so nice and professional.  Would recommend

E Steele



Excellent consultation.  Very thorough and very clear explanation of condition, friendly and sympathetic manner.  Would recomment Mr Waldron.

F Pratt 08/08/2018


Referred by AXA.  Quick, efficient and effective procedure performed in a very pleasant way.

Would recommend Mr Waldron

S Johnson



Mr Waldron was very welcoming, very efficient and prompt.  Would recommend

S Cooke



Would recommend Mr Waldron.  Hospital has good parking, lovely gardens and peaceful

S Rawlings



Mr McDonald was superb, very patient, kind, explained everything clearly and took time to examine me and subsequently explained what the operation and after period would be like.  I would highly recommend him.

M Brindley



I am very pleased with the treatment I received.  Would recommend to family and friends.

G Smith



Excellent investigation and reassurance from Mr Waldron

C Rick



Excellent attention, many thanks Mr Gillett

D Harding



I was very satisfied with the treatment I received from Mr Waldron.  His manner was professional and reassuring.  I was very impressed by the service offered.

C Youell



Mr Waldron was friendly, thorough and caring.  I felt listened to, reassured and confident of his diagnosis.  All-in-all it was a very good experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Waldron or the Circle to others


Thought this was dealt with in a professional manner and the treatment has been successful.  I am delighted.  I heard about Mr Pinder from my GP.

R Coombe



Referred by my GP and to see Mr Waldron.  Would recommend to family and friends

J Sealey



Superb treatment and overall care.  Wonderful.  Would not hesitate to go back to see Mr McDonald if it was necessary.

M Clarke



Very impressed with Mr McDonald. would recommend.

J Davies



Saw Mr Pinder, so good to find someone who listened, cared and wanted to help.  Would recommend to family and friends

Mrs R Long



Mr Pinder is a nice fellow, recommend, more interested in trying to help than the last ENT person I saw

Mr MacDonald



Would recommend Mr Waldron

Ms Constantine 05/01/2018


Would recommend Mr McDonald

Mr Bird 05/01/2018


Would recommend Mr McDonald

Mr Jay 11/12/2017


Very Satisfied

Would recommend Mr Waldron

Mr Bentell 11/12/2017


Excellent service all around, very impressive

Would recommend Mr McDonald

Mr Millatt 11/12/2017


Would recommend Mr Waldron for his positive and reassuring manner and his listening patience.

Would recommend

Mrs Short 13/11/2017


Operation went very well.  Looking forward to a good outcome.

Would recommend Mr McDonald

C Stevens 23/10/2017


Very thorough examination followed by a comprehensive explanation and clear advice from Mr Waldron.  Thank you.

Would recommend

Mr Hopwood 12/10/2017


Excellent care giving

Mr George 10/10/2017


Very good professional service

Would recommend

Mr Handke 09/10/2017


Efficient and painless ear suction clearance from Mr Waldron.

Would recommend

Mr C Burke 02/10/2017


A thorough consultation and good advice, I had complete confidence in Mr Pinder

Would recommend

Mrs J Faulkner 28/9/17


An awkward procedure was carried out with great care and humour, for which I would like to say many thanks

Would recommend

Mrs J Markovic 25/9/17


Phoned and enquired about ear syringing.  We are very pleased with the result of the micro suction, thank you very mucy.

Would recommend

Mrs L Cartledge 25/9/17


Referred by GP and dentist.  Mr Gillett is so obviously bright, but also kind, thorough and able to convey what the patient needs to know clearly and in a reassuring manner.  I felt total confidence in his ability.

Would definitely recommend!

Mrs L Blair 25/9/17


Was referred by Aviva to see Mr Pinder, would recommend.

Ms Bohan-Pitt


Mr Pinder put me at east and was easy to talk to, very helpful and sympathetic

Mrs J Scott 23/8/17


Very welcoming, pleased with consultation, not made to feel rushed and was listened to.  Sessions with Polly were also excellent.

Mrs Stone 23/8/17


Very quick and professional service, would recommend

N Maggs 17/7/17


Excellent ear cleaning and advice and I would recommend to my family and friends.

Mrs Moore 19/5/17