Below is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Where do I go when I arrive at the Hospital for my consultation?

Please go to the front desk in reception at the hospital you are due to be seen in. The receptionist will check that the information the hospital has is correct and you will then be directed to the waiting area for the clinic.

Our consultants work out of two hospitals so please check which hospital you are due to have your appointment at.

How long will my appointment last?

The initial consultation with your consultant will last for about 30 minutes.

What will happen during the consultation?

Our trained surgeons will take a detailed history of your condition, including previous surgery and any medicines you might be taking. It may be useful to bring a list of you medications with you or ask your GP to include the information in the referral letter.

After the history you will be examined by your consultant examining the ears, nose and throat as necessary. Sometimes the consultant may ask you to lie on a couch while a detailed examination of your ear is made with a high power microscope. The consultant may also wish to look at your throat with a small flexible telescope that passes through the nose – a nasendoscopy. After this the surgeon will discuss with you the findings and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

What if I need an operation?

If you need an operation this will be discussed with you at the consultation. You will be contacted by Lisa or Jenny who will work with you to find a date that is both appropriate and convenient.

I am insured

If you have private health insurance you will need to contact your insurance company to advise them of your visit and to get an authorisation number. When you ring to book your consultation you will then need to tell us the name of your insurer along with your membership number and authorisation number. If you don’t give this information we will assume you are self paying and the bill will be sent directly to you.

I am self paying

If you are self paying the costs of the initial consultation and any treatments will be discussed with you when you ring to book your consultation. You will also be sent an appointment letter and attached will be the price list confirming possible costs. Your invoice will then be sent to you along with a copy of the letter from the Consultant to your GP. We ask that invoices are paid promptly.

Who do I contact if I have problems after the operation?

During office hours please ring Lisa or Jenny on 01761 422262. They will be very happy to help with advice or to contact your consultant if appropriate.

For out of hours in an emergency go straight to A&E or ring the out of hours NHS helpline.

How am I followed up after the operation?

Your consultant will discuss whether you need a follow up with you after your operation. Some patients may need to be followed up a set time after the procedure, for example to have packing form the ear removed, and this would be done by one of the consultants in the group and not necessarily with your consultant. This is to ensure it can be carried out in the timeframe required.

For any other questions

Lisa and Jenny are more than happy to answer any other questions or queries you may have. We understand that sometimes you may just need to check something or are unsure and want some guidance, however small, we are happy to help.