Ears (Otology)

As a practice we deal with wax buildup, ear discharge, ear ache, ear infections, hearing loss, hearing issues, tinnitus, grommets, glue ear, balance and ear pinning.

Microsuction for wax build up

Ear wax is produced by the body as a protective mechanism.  However, excess build up of wax can cause issues including hearing loss, pain and infection.  Wax build up can also be made worse by the use of hearing aids and ear plugs, by the use of cotton buds to clean the ears or through natural aging changes to the ear.

By undergoing microsuction through the Bath ENT Specialists you will have your procedure performed by a specialist trained consultant, using a high powered magnifying microscope in a state of the art facility.  At the time of your visit you will not only have your wax removed but you will also  have a full assessment of the ear and ear drum a well as receiving guidance about your individual situation and ongoing care.