The speciality of otorhinolarygngology or ENT has evolved dramatically over the years. Although the speciality still deals with a core of ear, nose and throat issues it has also developed to encompass many other sub specialist areas – including balance problems, voice issues, skin cancer, facial plastics, thyroid surgery and snoring surgery.

The Consultant team at Bath ENT  have all been trained to deal with common core ENT problems but each has also been trained extensively in a specialist field of expertise. By working as a team we are able to offer rapid access to a consultant opinion with specialist training in your particular condition.

We are happy to see you if you are experiencing any of the following conditions or require any of the following treatments:


Chronic Ear Disease, Ear wax, Ear Discharge, Ear Ache, Ear infections, Hearing loss, Hearing issues, Tinnitus, Grommets, Glue Ear, Ear Pinning, Menieres Disease, Tinnitus, Dizziness, Vertigo, Perforated Ear Drum, Cholesteatoma and Mastoid operations, Balance Disorders, Barotrauma, Chronic Ear Disease, Ear Discharge, Ear Infection, Ear Wax Removal, Excision External Ear Lesion, Perforated Ear Drums, Split Ear Lobe Repair, Swimmers Ear, Tympanoplsaty Myringotomy


Nosebleeds, Runny Nose, Sinus Disease, Sinus Infections, Sneezing, Reduced Smell, Nasal Obstructions, Deviated Septum, Allergic Rhinitis, Nasal Injuries, Nasal Polyps, Rhinoplasty, Nasendoscopy, Septoplasty, Snoring Treatments, Reduction of Turbinates, FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)


Chronic Tonsillitis, Throat Infections, Sore Throat, Swallowing Problems, Reduced Taste, Voice Problems, Hoarseness, Neck Lumps, Thyroid Lumps, Salivary Gland Lumps, Adenoid Surgery, Snoring, Bad Breath (Halitosis), Black Hairy Tongue, Tongue Tie, Reflux, Laryngitis, Larynx Tumour, Pharyngeal Pouch Surgery, Microlaryngoscopy, Sleep Apnoea, Sub mandibular Gland Surgery, Throat Tumours

Head and Neck

Head and Neck Cancer, Partoid Surgery, Submandibular gland surgery, Facial Skin Lesions, Cysts, Facial Paralysis, Facial Plastics, Lymph Gland Tumours, Skin Tag Removal, Skin Cancer

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